.: 'Sieben' Brake Light :.













Our 'Sieben' lights are sold individually and designed as an additional brake light. They are approximately 4" diameter with a die cast aluminium protective grill. The housing is chrome and features a clear lens to light your number plate if required.

£34.56 + P&P


.: Trucker 'Vintage Style' :.

















Its taken a while but we've got them! 'Vintage Style' trucker mirrors for your van. The mirrors measure 10.5 inches by 5.5 inches and have a slightly domed back with 3 horizontal ribs. The adjustable brackets allow you to position the mirror both vertically and horizontally; they are also hinged so you can fold them back. The kit includes 2 mirrors (one pair) plus all the necessary brackets and fixings.

 £169.56 + P&P per pair


.: Die-Cast Grab Handles:.















These die-cast swivel grab handle have a vintage style with a little bit of hod rod thrown in! The contoured chrome handles are approximately 140mm long with mounting hole centres 120mm apart. Supplied with all the necessary stainless steel fixings.

 £49.56 + P&P



.: Duolite Delux Brakelight:.













Stainless steel 'Delux Duolite Brakelights' light up 'STOP' and have a second inbuilt light for connection to your side lights. Supplied individually, as pictured. 4inch Diameter and 3inches deep.

 £34.56 + P&P



     .: Shrunken Head :.

 Authentic shrunken heads made for FiftySixDelux in Ecuador  by indigenous artisans, crafted from animal skin using  traditional methods, comparable in quality the original  tsantsa shrunken heads of the Jivaro tribes. Each head is  unique, sold individually.




   £29.56 + P&P


     .: Tiki Mirror Hanger :.

 Great item for that rear view mirror. Please note that the  image is for guidance only, they are now made of bone  rather than plastic and come on a leather cord...much  better!





   £3.56 + P&P


   .: Large Aluminium Plate Light :.

 Large polished ali' plate light.




   £29.56 + P&P


   .: Pressed eyebrows :.

 Everyone has the plain eyebrows now - try something  different wilth our 'rod inspired' pressed eyebrows!



   £14.56 + P&P


   .: Spinner Bolt :.

 Wicked die cast and chromed spinned bolts. Measure  around 2.5" across with an M8 thread. Sold individualy.




   £4.56 + P&P


   .: Traffic Light Viewer :.

 Mirror polished unit with a solid glass reflector. Bolts to  the bodywork with the intention to make traffic lights  easier to view! Measures approx 4inch wide.




   £21.56 + P&P


   .: Fat bullets :.

 Heavy weight fat bullets, intended to cover the  window wiper shaft in got climates - what other uses  interest you? Drilled and allen key fitment. Sold in  pairs.




   £15.56 + P&P


   .: Cats Eye Headlight Guards :.

 7" headlight guards from the Mooneyes range. Supplied  chromed without fittings.





   £17.56 + P&P


   .: Pony Lights :.

 Great little units for that subtle look, slightly flatter  than the other rod lights on offer.




   £18.56 + P&P


   .: Winged Amber Bullet Lights :.

 Four winged amber lensed bullet lights, ideal for  bumpers  so that you don't have to drill the body.




   £14.56 + P&P


   .: Amber Bullet Lights :.

 Four amber lensed bullet lights, ideal for bumpers so  that you don't have to drill the body.




   £14.56 + P&P


   .: Large Peaked Rod Lights :.

 These are one of our best sellers at shows - new to  the site! Proper old school rod lights.




   £18.56 + P&P


   .: Small Peaked Rod Lights :.

 Similar to the large rod lights but half the size. The  glass has a ripple to it which makes it look even more  vintage.




   £15.56 + P&P


   .: Square Rod Lights :.

 A more modern version of the rod lights, ideal for early  cars where you want to hide the lights but still let  people which direction you are turning!




   £18.56 + P&P


   .: Felix Topper :.

 What can we say!? Felix for your plate! Approx 6inch  tall, cast and hand painted for FSD.







   £13.56 + P&P



   .: Finned Bullet Bolts :.

 Tri-finned bullets for your plate or anywhere else you  may like to fit them - featured on the FSD Camper.




   £12.56 + P&P



     .: Balls of Steel! :.

 And chromed steel too.... Yes its a pair of balls on a  key fob. You'll either click of this site straight away or  (hopefully) have to buy a pair! Mirror polished and erm,  heavy weight!?




   £4.56 + P&P


     .: Heavy Weight Handles :.

 These handles are slightly larger then T2 inner handles  but are solid and have some decent weight to them!  Highly polished they will add that finishing touch to  your Rod or VW.




   £27.56 a pair + P&P


   .: Delux Mexican Blankets :.

 Massive 4' x 7' 100% authentic mexican blankets...  MADE IN MEXICO! Not china like some competitors!  Perfect for rat-lookers and hot rods! Please note that  postage is £6.50 per blanket.



   £19.56 + P&P



   .: Mooneyes 'Moonshade' :.

 Keep your ride cool in the summer with this Mooneyes sun  shade. Made from plastic coated card this shade will prove  to be a valuable addition on those hot days. The design  may differ slighly as Mooneyes are updating the print style.



  £9.56 each + P&P



     .: Piston Valve Caps :.

 Made by Mooneyes these valve caps have a universal  fitment and will look great on a variety of vehicles!




   £7.56 + P&P


   .: Bullet Valve Caps :.

 These Mooneyes valve caps may be considered  for  Hot Rod than Resto Cal but we have started to see a  few of the Resto Cal guys adding these  quality  accessories of late. Made from brass and the triple  chromed these bullets will last a  lifetime! Sold in packs  of 4.



   £8.56 + P&P




     .: FSD Pineapple Grenade Shift Knob :. 

 These are 100% original WWII grenades!!! They have  been sourced from a very strange WWII collector in  the  USA and have been converted to shift knobs by  FSD.  Don't buy the cheap resin alternatives when you  can  have the geniune article for half the price! All  grenades are original therefore they all vary in small  ways.





   £33.56 + P&P


   .: FSD Lemon Grenade Shift Knob :. 

 These are again 100% original WWII grenades!!! The  lemon grenades are slightly earlier and feature a  casting  seam around the centre. Slightly more  comfortable to  use as a shifter...for a grenade  anyway!






   £33.56 + P&P


     .: FSD Baseball Grenade Shift Knob :. 

 100% original grenades from the 1960's. Ideal for shift  knobs due to their size and shape! As with all our  grenades they come ready to fit with a stainless bush  and hidden grub screw.






   £33.56 + P&P


     .: FSD Bone Skull Shift Knob :.

 This is a universal fit gear shifter knob made from resin and  now much more detailed than pictured!




   £19.56 + P&P


     .: Chrome 1950's design Valve caps :.

 These are 1950's designed valve caps in polished chrome  with integral rubber 'o' ring to prevent locking. Sold in sets  of 5 these items are the perfect complementary accessory  for the complete chrome valves above. (Buy both items  together and save on postage).



   £5.56 + P&P



   .: Stainless Steel 4inch Peep Mirror :.

 Clamp on circular mirror which will fit to left or  right side of vehicle. the head approx 100mm  diameter, stainless steel back with flat glass, on  curved chrome plated arm (approx 65mm) which  clamps to the door edge etc. a useful 'peep'  mirror. Please note that these mirrors are sold  individually.



£33.56 + P&P