.: 356 Fins :.











We have been working on these for ages, cast from original 356 drums, these fins will give your VW a performance Porsche look. They have been manufactured in the UK and have the same finish as the original items. They fit in front of your drum or disc brakes and require longer bolts. Please click on the picture for more info.

 119.56 + P&P per pair


.: Rod Style Horn Push:.














This is our 'Rod Style' hornpush. The unit is heavy weight and triple chromed for that quality feel. There are three fixings on the back to ensure a real tight fit. Click the image for applications.

 28.56 + P&P


                    or grey mounts     .: Polished or Grey Mounts :.

 These bad boys will clamp straight around your bumper  brackets and require not drilling.  Available in chrome or  grey.



   from 19.56 + P&P


     .: The Blue Jewel Safety Star :.

 Yes this super rare accessory is now available and in stock.  Issued by insurance companies in the 1950's these safety  stars are becoming the bread and butter of the resto cal  scene! And yes...the price is correct!




   34.56 + P&P


     .: The Red Jewel Safety Star :.

 The old favourite is still in stock too! The red jewel can be  wired to the brake light to provide additional warning that  the anchors are on!



   34.56 + P&P


     .: Polished Window Cranks :.

 These are the best window cranks on the market! They  bolted straight to the FSD Camper and look fantastic. A  heavy weight winder that will last. Supplied, as pictured,  with polished, spring loaded bases.

   39.56 + P&P


     .: Fender Flag Pole :.

 These aren't seen that often! But we now stock them.  Mirror polished, 12v lit, flag poles. They fix to your wing  and connect to the side lights. No flags available as yet  but they're on their way!




   28.56 + P&P


     .: 17" & 15" Woodrim Steering Wheel :.



   from 129.56 + P&P [Including the polished boss]



     .: Polished Wheel Boss :.

 Although these are included in the price of the woodrim  wheels, we can supply them separately. Polished boss  including black horn push. Please call before ordering  if your  car is mid 73' onwards!


   34.56 + P&P


     .: 35mm Steering Wheel Spacer :.

 A few customers have said that they would like the wheel  a little closer to them - so here you go! Custom made  aluminium spacers including all fittings and hand polished to  match. Please click the image for vehicle requirements.


   45.56 + P&P

     .: Polished Electric Horn :.

 Chrome horns available in either 6v or 12v, replace those  tired originals and vent your frustration on bad drivers!



   22.56 + P&P

     .: Original style AA badge :.

 Great little vintage part. The new AA badges are and exact  reproduction of the original items. Crackin' accessory...


   14.56 + P&P



     .: AAA Chrome License Ornament :.

 Another period perfect item from FSD. This accessory is  intended to mount behind you number plate but will look  great just about anywhere. Brass bell fixed to a chrome  surround.




   17.56 + P&P

     .: AAA Chrome License Topper :.

 This item is intended to bolt to the top of your plate, fully  polished with the brass bell fixed to the chrome surround.  Heavy weight item.


   21.56 + P&P


     .: Amber Auxillary Lights! :.

 These stainless lights are FSD only items - a great period  accessory. Good for those with semaphores!




   24.56 + P&P

     .: Rear Auxillary Lights :.

 Also in available in either red or clear glass.



   24.56 + P&P

Glass Type


     .: Delux Rose Wood Door Locks - Straight :.

 These are a resto cal favourite, look great with the Flat4  kit!



   8.56 + P&P

     .: Delux Rose Wood Door Locks - Globe :.

 Slightly less red wood stain but more wood for your money!  The same standard fitting but a ball a' wood at the top!





   8.56 + P&P

     .: FSD Bus Steering Wheel Cover :.

 Go straight onto a 17" Bus wheel and fix with the lace  provided. Top quality heavyweight product.



   10.56 + P&P


     .: Splitty Delux Stainless Hinge Covers :.

 These hinge covers are designed to complete the Deluxe  Trim kits. The kit comprises of 1 pair of hinge covers, hand  made in the US, that simply stick to the hinges with the 3m  tape provided.



   34.56 + P&P


     .: FDS only - Pre 64' Rear Light Peaks :.

 These are again made for FiftySixDelux in the US. Very  unique accessory as fitted to the FSD Oval, these rear light  peaks are pressed from stainless steel and fit to early rear  light units. Just squeeze the original chrome trim to absorb  the thickess of the peak! No adhesive or drilling required!


   10.56 + P&P

     .: 7" Chrome Steel Stone Guards :.

 Chrome 7" stoneguards in a mesh suitable for late Beetles  and Bay windows. All fitting clips are provided however  some manipulation of the clips with needle nosed pliers will  be required.


   14.56 + P&P

     .: FSD Curb Feelers :.

 Bolted these straight to the FSD Oval! A top quality period  accessory. These curb feelers will save your alloys, if you  get close enough to the curb to scratch the feelers!



   14.56 + P&P

     .: Stainless Steel FSD Breezies :.

 Cheapest form of air con - guaranteed! These polished  Breezies clip to your 1/4 light to encourage a flow of air in  your ride. Other colours available here. Still confused? Try  here.



   14.56 + P&P

     .: Fully Chromed - Complete Valves :.

 Set of 5 valves AND sleeves AND caps for 7.56.  You can tell people that they cost more if you  like!?




   7.56 + P&P

     .: Banacle Tax Disc Holder :.

 These little beauties will suck straight to your screen and  display to the world that you don't pay road tax (sorry if  your a post 73'!).



   15.56 + P&P

     .: Windscreen Demister :.

 Interesting product this, not just a nice  accessory but practical too! 280mm x  33mm available in 12v or 6v.



   39.56 + P&P