Baseball Grenade


These are 100% original WWII grenades!!! They have been sourced from a very strange WWII collector and we’ve converted them to shift knobs.  There’s a stainless steel bush in the base with a 12.5mm bore and grub screws that lock down on your gear stick.  Don’t buy the cheap resin alternatives when you  can  have the genuine article for half the price! All grenades are original therefore they all vary in small ways.

If you’re not in the UK please get customs approval before dispatch.  They’ll also be posted to you surface mail.


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Size: 4.5″ tall with a 12.5mm bore.

Material(s): Metal!  Cast grenade with a stainless steel bush.  The bush has been press fit to the most substantial part of the grenade – this isn’t always slap bang in the centre but it’s location is intentional.

Finish: Take a look – it’s a real grenade…